Businessmen fear of losing heaven

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Businessmen fear of losing ' Heaven '

11:35:13 | 30/07/2010

businessmen fear of losing heavenTrafficking are the property bridge suddenly evaporate after fires more than half the market, has many strands of silver hair , Mrs. Binh effort to rebuild his career standing like the early days of hard times .
Fire occurred at Dong Xuan market 16 years ago has made her entire inventory of Binh burnt . More than half of her fortune by fire away , her spirit also decline . " I suddenly remembered a few words in fortune tellers say that I can lose assets in a white night . But if the time limit is 53 years old , I can manage and remove the whole . At that , I was broken - the number is hard to resist a given , "said Binh recalled.

Collected the money left , she waved Binh run extra bit of capital to be rebuilt from scratch. " Sometimes boredom , I was back in the sky than that : If it gets me through injury, this difficult period , "she said . And then , it did not spare his heart . While waiting to repair , rebuild markets, she rented a small stall in the street for sale .

So on " contributing to hurricane winds , sub- area into college , thanks to do business experience and connections are available before, she became the " boss " provision of garments , fabrics for clues in multiple locations ... Now she absolutely believed Binh out effort itself , if not met , and not " stand some " very difficult to achieve the desired results .

" Birth and death is destiny . Wealth by heaven " - this statement is becoming more questions of the mouth when business justification for its success or failure . Position of director of a reputable business confided that : " When the time was black door nor shall try to salvage some more . " Trade failure rate of silver he was 8 years ago he was related to the conversation " never again with the wise . " Such was the delay that missed opportunity , so believe in yourself to forget that there 's no peace agreement but natural , not local interests .

In a hospitality business friends after doing great , he cut three more lobster , all three children are not out any bit of blood . Friends say that evidence was first reported a black campaign , but he thinks that it is only because I do not have experience . But , then , consecutive defeats have occurred .

construction projects are delayed by lawsuits , credit institutions tightening lending, foreign partners should bankrupt partnership was interrupted ... And yet, the year he was also nearly killed when a dog from where the car ran before his silver billion . Car brakes suddenly and then pull back , crashed into a roadside tree .

" Indeed, when shipping to black , all his calculations are taking the order . Putting it simply , are not you again , too believe in heaven and earth . But truly, in life are the ones I can not explain "The general manager told .

In 2009 , a securities company in Hanoi is considered very successful record of dealing with ( business ) stock . Thanks appreciate the trend, choose small to medium sized stocks , the company won big , despite the climate crisis and recession. However , to 2010 , choosing the right trend , buying stocks have good fundamentals but due to the extremely unusual action of the world market , dealing heavy losses of this company .

company leaders lament: "Nobody can predict what the industry with this . Sometimes wisdom nor the sun again . Some aim to buy it again raking it lucky and win , and I basically do , then carefully re- calculate the revenue loss . "

Vietnam's aviation market late in 2008 also matched the new waves when he declared the Ha Hung Dung made the first commercial flight after several months of preparation . From the beginning, specialists he has seen the total Ha Dung flew in the context of the market is facing a crisis, a recession is lack of necessary and sufficient condition as - Heaven time - Geography benefit - customized. As expected, after about a year off , Indochina Airlines shut down and face up to number several dozen creditors billion.

Dung himself at the time of receiving a business license has not met at times difficult to change the name from Speed up ( Accelerator ) to airlines Indochina - Indochina Airlines . The name "speed " when switching to the English spelling of the word "speed " turned into "speed " and each person can look at the reasoning of "speed " or some similar word .

Ha Hung Dung, Director General in this exchange also suggests that when it does not help the efforts , their efforts are very difficult to achieve . " I'm not superstitious people but always believed that three powerful things that we can not reach or did not explain . Sometimes we work out various plans but can not be done because the hand of power Tuesday driving the other direction , "Dung said .

Source: VnExpress

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