Bank competition in favor of the rich

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Bank competition in favor of the rich

11:27:13 | 30/07/2010

bank competition in favor of the richThe superior package for the wealthy elite banks are focused on exploiting .
A car parked in front chain of East Asia Bank branch Dinh Tien Hoang , a man steps into making a thin card . Immediately he received a formal welcome , and offer immediate priority , though a dozen people are awaiting to turn transactions at peak melting range .

Care to " root "

Distinguished guests were put up nine -storey buildings , where space luxurious interior decoration . He just relax , tell your transaction request , with three girls around . One she poured a superior wine he asked . She runs a worry of financial transactions . She sat listening to a complaint he has not figured out how to best profit of his gold . After 15 minutes , he was out of the transaction is completed. He was a VIP , a wealthy clients , Bank of East Asia ( DAB ) .

DAB is a VIP , he was enjoying a variety of incentives , such as transactions sent a single store , the transaction is a priority and most professional team of banking service . If you have a complaint , will have a special responsibility to handle the fastest time . He has a meeting room for private security consulting and professional conduct transactions ; also do not want to leave home , he has a phone line directly to its own experts .

The package for the rich upper class has been exploited from the bank several months now . Foreign Banks HSBC also recently entered the conquest of the upper classes in Vietnam with a floor exclusively for VIP luxury . The rich VIP card at HSBC Vietnam is automatically recognized in other countries VIP can be traded at HSBC worldwide. There are tens of first class service for VIP privileges such as preferential credit card especially in 19,000 stores across 160 countries, advance cash minimum $ 2,000 in emergency situations . They also own a director of customer relations support , especially financial management services . Members of the family is entitled to a package of this first-class service .

We only have 1-2 banks offer Platinum credit card , the type of credit card and the highest privilege . To sort of privilege for cardholders , banks have been running smoothly sweat . For example , the Visa Platinum card factoring , insurance card owners will be the highest level of travel up to 500 thousand dollars . Besides the regular features of an international credit card , factoring worry for customers to get " root " , from the book airline tickets, hotel reservations , limousine car hire , hire interpreters , worry visa , passport , customs , currency exchange rate information and information about health counseling , legal and the ritual . If you go play golf , the cardholder will be reduced in the 200 free to play golf in the world .

larger market share

DAB is serving more than 1,000 guests rich in HCM City, Hanoi and 772 guests . To the DAB 's VIP must have a savings account over 2 billion, or deposit and payment card account average balance over six consecutive months, 500 million. If the DAB shareholders , to own 2 billion face value of bank stocks , or to prove over 70 million salaries a month.

At a lower standard HSBC , account just 1 billion or $ 50,000 is to become VIP . Now with Platinum factoring , who must have monthly income of 60 million or more , credit limit from 200 million to 1 billion.

Enjoy Trinh , director of the Center for City VCB card , exclusive to this release of VCB is about 40,000 America Express Card , a senior credit cards . majority owner is the CEO of high -level , the higher the position the greater credit . " On average a higher offer their half to double the average consumer , "he said .

Up to this year, according to visa data from organizations , has about 1 million cards were issued visas in Vietnam for five years this organization are here , including debit and credit cards . Tom Tobin , HSBC Vietnam General Director estimated that about 10 % of customers have deposit accounts in Vietnam are in high -level segment of customers . " They are becoming international citizens , more sophisticated understanding of , and demand for superior service , "he said.

Competitive upstream market will boom in next time . DAB will open more transaction VIP in 30 years. But representatives said ANZ is preparing to launch a product for VIP guests . However , the competition will be the sudden , when the bank can only VIP in the adjacent ranges in the country , the foreign banks greater incentives and can take care of customers worldwide.

The rich are becoming international citizens , sophistication and understanding . They require superior service .


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