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Stock market or silver thread ?

11:19:00 | 30/07/2010

stock market or silver threadVietnam's stock market from the beginning of the year down about 5 % , a disappointing growth . Investors as long-term investment school , most do not get profit with their savings . Meanwhile, a wealth of stock prices can not be explained on the most basic elements .
The Securities have been identified in the daily reports that " a long term investment cash flow led to speculation the stock shortage of basic elements , which are losing market confidence and the stock market is going like more like a silver thread is an investment channel . "

This is true if you look at a series of CP is " pump blow " to the ridiculous price , but completely away from their fundamental values of the company . VKP example from May to now there are two phases to increase growth rates respectively 36 % and 30.3 % . While these business losses both for the first quarter and -8.9 billion -12.1 billion. Both in 2009 , this company had 50.3 billion loss . TRI -hole before the news Saturday consecutive quarter also increased 67 % up . TLT up to 90 % in 5 and 6 , is explained as due to the expected second quarter profits , but the fact is only 2.06 billion and the accumulated loss of more than 6 months is 1.3 billion. PTM up 68 % " through " fourth consecutive quarterly loss since 2009 ...

CP series has a fundamental perspective there's nothing , but if the danger level of profit is hard to imagine because " market factors " . Actual students walked by the stock market field too long should a component switch to fund the strategy , " chief executive " in the artificial waves roughly . However , does this strike a chord " greedy " investors are the majority of " secrets " to make a profit on market speculation and the movement as the " crew " became increasingly frantic . speculative capital flows to escape from a CP to find new addresses are leaving behind a " battlefield " tan desert and the price free fall .

Anyone entering the market everyday have a clear understanding of factors that raise prices in such events . The price is illegal , but hard to sanction or restriction . That makes investors feel management agencies are powerless before this phenomenon . The belief is increasingly eroded.

To limit the phenomena as price , the most important thing is to make investors aware of the risks themselves . Nothing is better and easier than most public information related to the abnormal stock price increases . Most investors believe that the explanation of the information as businesses increase the ceiling more than 5 sessions CP were superficial , and meaningless.

It's time management agencies must make requests more detailed explanation . Specifically , companies can request complete the following information : company has a contract value of any big new signing within a week / last month ( or next ) or not ; enterprises have put into preparing operation / implementation of any project with the ability to provide returns that have not previously or not ; promising companies achieve extraordinary revenue in the future or do not ( such revalued assets sold asset transfer projects , capital recovery ) ...

All the abnormal stock price increases are based on the principle of creating expectations of investors . To create the expected price increases , must be derived from profit expectations of information and the expected real price increase in the market ( the price up ) . expectations often create information derived from rumors about companies capable of mutation profit . So if you know the official information quickly , investors will be wary of the information is " blowing pump " bluff on the forums .

On the technical solution , it is time to both the floor for full disclosure of all bid price for a stock offering . This phenomenon occurs commonly cover price every day because the board is only 3 level bid , three levels offered . This restriction creates conditions for the phenomenon as the price -matching sessions periodically .

For CP to increase the ceiling and the ceiling amount to purchase more than two consecutive sessions, session , ending the trading day , the Office may publish the account number to order the ceiling price and the number of accounts more than 50 % Of the total purchase price ceilings . Update oblong of " team driving " linked together by some accounts to stop buying large quantities in early times . Only when prices were rising, prices of new activities to become "normal " by engaging the participation of other investors .

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