The market has no capacity to increase stability point

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"The market has no capacity to increase the stability point "

11:05:52 | 30/07/2010

the market has no capacity to increase stability pointmarket outlook reports on current trends , Vu Dinh Do, Head of Analysis , VNDirect Securities Company , said: " The money flows into stocks has little , no re- trapped a small amount into stocks as prices , which have no market power to increase the stability point . "
Mr. High said :

6 months of this year economic growth to keep quite , but events on the stock market boom and is poor as expected by many investors .

greatly influenced the stock market from changes in the money market while interest rates on money market remains high, credit growth also from the beginning of the year is quite low. In the context of virtually no new money flowing into the stock market ( cash flow from credit and cash flows from foreign investors are too weak ) , to create profitable opportunities , the brokerage group has selected some small caps to measure up . This is also why bluechip shares almost forgotten , though prices have a variety of safe areas for profitable investment .

The movement of share prices on the stock market over time partly reflects the action as well as to influence the group 's broker .

At first , the small caps have the cash flow from lead brokers rose strongly , but then some " crew " and was found trapped under heavy pressure from the market's bearish phase reduction from 550 down to 480 points .

Stream flows into stock funds have few, were jammed into a small amount of the shares not being counterfeited , which has no market power to increase the stability point , even when touched mold support 480 points .

At this time, again VN -Index fell below 500 points . In my opinion, this round also fell as a result of excessive speculation in stocks and small , from engine type to share some code of the " crew " , not only in money but also own use the financial leverage anymore . However , observers can see the stock market recently , an amount of speculative stocks were " free goods " and the stock market will be more stable cash flow out of this group of stocks .

Vietnam's stock market is not in the economic crisis , so there is no reason for share price decrease in the medium and long term . The decline , if there continue to happen , just the adjustment of stock prices from engaging in excessive speculation as to which stocks small market has adjusted in the previous cycle .

In my opinion, the 480 points ( 475-485 points) will be a good support for the stock market , because basically , Vietnam 's economy is still growing and stable bluechips codes are attractive valuation levels . reduced risk in the medium term is not there.

Source: DTCK

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