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VnIndex : Short -term opportunities to buy

10:52:19 | 30/07/2010

vnindex short term opportunities to buyIn the long term trend , after the strong price increases in early 2009 to the end of the year just happened VnIndex trend adjustment , this adjustment was over 430 point milestone at a rate corresponding to 50 % Fibonacci Retracement .
But since early in 2010 so far back VnIndex index varies around 480-540 points bracket narrow with daily trading volume is relatively stable at 46 million shares and this is considered force investors participate in daily trading is predominant , buy and sell cash flow is circulated in the market with relatively high frequency compared to the bleak period in the previous period .

Seven months that power demand has prevailed completely when the price touched 480 VnIndex point corresponding to the 38.2 % Fibonacci Retracement rate so that the 480 point level is strong support in the current time and the 540 plays back as a resistance

Attractive when the stock short at the low price makes the transaction positively , besides the supply of stocks in the index VnIndex close to the strong price support is almost 480 points more , Precisely because of this that selling pressure has been depleted , and to force the bridge would have prevailed , then disbelief , or the pessimistic investors will eventually lose . Thus, the increased purchase price and will certainly signals more clearly .

Price trend is currently located in a channel value is determined as shown, the sure sign of purchase is emitted when the Stochastic Oscillator indicator for buy signal when it cut line 20 after a certain period it lies in the sale ( oversold ) . Thus, the recovery in the short term there are many positive elements to form , be sure to sign our purchase is expected to appear in the session ends in July this more tedious .


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