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30/07 - General information world economy

11:45:50 | 30/07/2010

3007 general information world economyTo stimulate the regional economy Eurozone , the last time the European Central Bank has pumped so much money into the economy in the form of the loan banks , which requires property collateral are also easing . However , recently , this bank has vowed to tighten regulations on property accepted as collateral from the home loan sector
Japan : Panasonic to purchase shares of Sanyo Electric and Panasonic Electric Works

To promote sales of batteries for electric cars and solar battery , Panasonic is currently planning to acquire Sanyo Electric and Panasonic Electric Works . Panasonic may release the volume of new shares worth 5.7 billion dollars to finance the plan .

Japan : Sony's profit increases in Q2/2010

Contrary to the predictions of the market , Sony's profits have suddenly increased in Q2/2010 , reaching 67.02 billion yen forecast in contrast to 13.1 billion yen loss and 25 losses , 7 billion yen the same period last year . The company also raised profit forecast by 12.5% over the year .

Japan : Production of industrial slowdown in Q2/2010

According to estimates by the economists , in June , industrial output in Japan rose only 0.2 % over the previous month . This figure also makes full quarter output fell to its lowest level since the period decreased 3 months of 2009 .

Indonesia's powerful Investment for footwear production

Indonesia plans to increase investment in shoe manufacturing industry with the expectation to win the heart of the largest footwear producers in the world from 2 to No. 3 with a yield of 3 million pairs of shoes with other brands like Nike , Adidas and New Balance today.

Australia : Inflation may exceed target in Q1/2010

According to experts' forecasts , inflation in quarter one of Australia's past might reach 3.4 % . This will increase pressure to raise interest rates the central bank of this country in the context of federal elections are approaching.

Japan : Finance Minister Noda declined to comment on the status of the yen prices

Previous status yen strengthened against the U.S. dollar and the euro , Japanese Finance Minister Noda has not had any official comment about the issue. Analysts said that the Japanese Ministry of Finance will not intervene in currency markets , even if export growth is threatened .

China : 23 % Difficult to recover the loan portfolio for infrastructure projects

According to calculations , in some 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars loan for the project to build the infrastructure of local governments , the Bank of China will bear the bad debt ratio is 23 % . It is placing the bank before the big risk on capital .

China : IMF not unified on the issue RMB exchange rate

Not only the U.S. and China concluded disagreement around whether the Chinese yuan is undervalued or not , but just within the leadership of the International Monetary Fund IMF, the IMF director no unified opinion on this issue .

USA : People in Arizona preparing to leave before the immigration laws be enforced

On 29 / 7 to , the Arizona immigration law will be implemented officially controversial and even from the defendant . So finally the American dream of many illegal immigrants when they have finished packing to leave luggage where they have worked closely for many years in Arizona .

U.S. home empty Q2/2010 rate increases , home ownership rate reduction

In the second quarter this year , about 18.9 million house on the housing market is still space in the context of the number of foreclosure increases have pushed home ownership rate to its lowest level in over a decade through .

English : Welcome to Indian banks doing business in London

During the first visit to India soon after taking office in UK Finance Minister , Mr George Osbourne , has expressed his welcome to the Indian banks to do business in English , as well as committed to building support for India infrastructure development .

Portugal : Decision spend money to prevent the derivatives risk

In the Eurozone , Portugal became the first country decided to spend money to prevent risks from derivatives transactions . This decision has received acclaim world of banking sector in the context of debt crisis is spreading here .

EU : stricter regulation of property received from bank deposits

To stimulate the regional economy Eurozone , the last time the European Central Bank has pumped so much money into the economy in the form of the loan banks , which requires property collateral are also easing . However , recently , this bank has vowed to tighten regulations on property accepted as collateral for loans from the area .

Italy : The House approved a plan to tighten spending

On 28 / 7 , the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi passed a vote of confidence on tight spending plan worth 25 billion euros , equivalent to 32.54 billion U.S. dollars.

Russia : Confirm privatization strategy worth $ 29 billion

On 28 / 7 , the Russian finance minister , Alexei Kudrin has voiced his confirmation privatization strategy will aim to mobilize 29 billion dollars by selling the asset on the open market within 3 years.

Russia : In 2013 the budget deficit remains at a high level

In its meeting on 29 / 7 , the Russian government has approved plans for 2011-2013 federal budget , with deficits higher than initially estimated , according to which the budget deficit next year is expected to equal 3 , 6 % of GDP in 2012 will be reduced to 3.1 % and in 2013 was 2.9 % .

EU : European views of the South Stream Project

Commissioner in charge of EU energy Guenther Oettinger said , the modernization of gas transportation system of Ukraine as a successful business projects over the road project to build South Stream gas pipeline from Russia.

Niger : To solicit funding for Niger

Due to drought , food shortages and poverty increased strongly in the area west African country of Niger , the World Food Program had to work to double aid this country . Amount called for funding for Niger has been increased to $ 371 million dollars to provide nutrients for audiences as the most vulnerable women and children .

international aviation continues to recover in June

According to the Association of International Air Transport ( IATA ) , in June in the past , international air traffic continues to recover after a surge back to the previous month , especially thanks to strong growth in Asia Asia .

Gold rebounded due to the lowest U.S. $ 3 month

Gold price in December on the floor of the Comex Exchange in New York trading session key 29 / 7 increased $ 8.8 ( +0.8 %) to $ 1171.2 per ounce. Gold for immediate delivery rose sharply to $ 1,166 USD per ounce.

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