Worries are stimulating people to invest in gold

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Worries are stimulating people to invest in gold ?

11:42:34 | 30/07/2010

worries are stimulating people to invest in goldThis is the best time to invest in gold - hot commodity in the world today? Gold prices have been rising in recent years and investors are withdrawing from this market ?
Gold prices are going? gold bubble will soon burst ? precious metals market will crash because of overheating ? Signs of economic recovery are engulfed global investment flows in this item ? Worries are stimulating people to buy gold ?

Here are a few reviews of the experts on the market today :

" If history repeated and stock market decline in the period 10 th year in the next 16 years as Rosenberg believes , the Dow after the fixed - threshold 10,097.90 today will 16/7- area can be reduced 5000 - USATODAy.

" I believe the economy is continuing to go down and it also means the U.S. stock market will fluctuate as strong as what happened in March last year before the current adjustment is completed " - John Hussman, Hussman Funds.

" Betting with gold is like betting on the government . And they bet on governments as well as the money of the government during the 6000 years of human history " - Charles DeGaulle

" Investors flocked to gold by worries about money market debt crisis fears ... as well as the economic situation has caused confusion and devaluation of the euro weakening the dollar strong . Demand slipped down the world and we are faced with the risk of a new Great Depression " - Richard watchman, The Guardian Observer.

" We know that inflation will not be an issue this year and investors will not lose faith in government . Despite the market's momentum will be maintained and gold was up nearly 5 times in the past 10 years , compared with last year the 60 and 70 is increased 18 times and although gold is still showing good properties in the past decade , the level of love gold investors have also declined to go " - Dominic McCormick, Money Management

" has recovered the history of the Dow in 1930 ended with the role model . That happened after the stock market slide is strong and the first phase of the dual trends in long-term decline . This step also reduced beyond the reduction target of 28% is expected . Until today, we saw the Dow is going as the role model and shows the beginning of a period of decline. Da increase of this indicator has been set back in January , May and June this year . The declining trend appeared slope of the model with the goal of 8.400 - the equivalent of step 25 % reduction . The analysts based on the 1930 model , and that Dow could be down to around 7.500 in 2010 " - Daryl Guppy, Trend Trading

Source: giavang.net

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